Communication and Outreach.

The RNPC Blog concept was initiated on the RNPC website as an ongoing effort to increase participation by the member civics and promote outreach to residents and allow feedback and discussion from our fellow citizens. It includes all of the current topics we have identified so far. Everyone is asked to review the current website …


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Public Participation

Residents complain that it is very difficult for many citizens to participate in Town Hall Board Meetings and town decision-making on important issues that concern their community: Board meetings have been closed to many residents Some residents have not been allowed to speak or cut off before finishing their statement Residents’ letters citing major concerns … Continue reading Public Participation

CMA Mine

Our view regarding the CMA Mine application is that NYSDEC seems to be ignoring its own regulations and Town’s input/concerns. There has been no direct response to our recent letter to NYSDEC. The expectation had been that the ENB will contain any announcements about public comments and the NYSDEC responses to them. Now that that … Continue reading CMA Mine

Water Quality Issues

We need more information on areas of groundwater contamination and the status of Town water supply capabilities. From the Riverhead Town website: The Riverhead Water District has been issued a deferral from the New York State Department of Health. When a public water system is issued a deferral, the water system agrees to schedule corrective … Continue reading Water Quality Issues